Kinect-Hack controlls Ableton and Projection-Mapping

 Vimeo Direktkinect, via Creators Project

Das V Motion Project kombiniert 'nen Kinect-Hack, mit dem sie Ableton steuern, und Projection Mapping für die entsprechenden Visuals. Sehr schick!

The music system works by connecting the Kinect camera to Ableton Live, music sequencing software usually used by Djs and musicians during live performances. […] The interface is full of dials, knobs, switches and buttons. Normally, a musician would use a physical control panel covered with the knobs, dials, and switches to control Ableton’s virtual ones. Paul’s music system works by allowing us to map body movements to Ableton’s controls. For example, when you touch your head with your left hand a certain loop could start. Or you could control the dry/wet filter with the distance between your hands.

V Motion Project – Part I: The Instrument, Part II: The Visuals