Marvel Comics as Pulp Novels

Schöne Mashups aus Marvel-Helden und den Covern alter Pulp Romane von John Morris (via Superpunch). Die Wespe fand ich dann auch noch sehr passend, wo sie grade endlich Edgar Wrights Hank Pym-Film angekündigt haben.

I assigned each character to a dream team pulp writer whom I thought matched the essence of the character. Donald Hamilton was best-known for his Matt Helm series of spy novels, which I thought made him an appealing choice for the Natasha Romanova “series”. Leslie Charteris was, of course, creator of the suave and witty Saint series of novels, so I gave him rein over the socialite adventurer Janet van Dyne and her scientist husband (Also, I thought Dashiell Hammett would have been a little on-the-nose), and Hoke Moseley creator Charles Willeford is assigned to craft the seedy, unsentimental world of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire.