Anonymous signs Greenpeace-Petition with 90.000 hacked Oil-Company-Mails

Anonymous haben 90.000 Mail-Accounts der Mitarbeiter von Shell, BP, Exxon, Gazprom und Rosneft gehackt und mit denen haben sie dann eine Greenpeace Petition gegen Ölborungen in der Arktis unterzeichnet. Sehr schön! Aus dem Statement auf PasteBin:

We know we’re going up against the most powerful countries and companies in the world. But together we have something stronger than any country’s military or any company’s budget. Our shared concern for the planet we leave our children transcends all the borders that divide us and makes us - together - the most powerful force today.

Similar to #OpSaveTheArctic - Phase I (, The listed targets where breached and as a punishment, The employee accounts of the concerned Corporations where used to sign the petition at […] After the full operation, a total amount of 96K petitions where signed at (96,176 to be precise).

Oil Companies Spring a Leak, Courtesy of Anonymous

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