Kim Jong Un in Love with an Excellent Horse-Like Lady. No, really!

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Kim Jong Un macht grade mit einer alten Flamme rum, Sex mit der Ex in Nordkorea quasi. Die Dame heisst Hyon Song-wol und war Sängerin der Bochonbo Electronic Music Band und beim Clip zu ihrem größten Hit „Excellent Horse-Like Lady“ hab' ich mir grade ein bisschen in die Hose gemacht. Auch interessant: Das hier ist bereits das zweite Posting heute, in dem der Name Kim vorkommt. Mondays.

It seems that North Korea's young leader may have reconnected with an old love. The reporting from Asia about that "mystery woman" who's been seen with Kim Jong Un in recent weeks is turning up details that sound like they're right out of good old American soap opera.

Though there's still a chance that the woman is Kim's sister, the Korea JoongAng Daily reports that: — The consensus seems to be that she is Hyon Song-wol, "former vocalist of the Bochonbo Electronic Music BandBochonbo Electronic Music Band." The band's biggest hit: Excellent Horse-Like Lady, from 2005.

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