Disney Superheroines and Face-Eating-Cosplaying at ComicCon

Ein paar Damen haben diese Illu mit Disney Prinzessinnen als Superheldinnen als Cosplay auf der ComicCon umgesetzt. Großartige Idee!

GPX: How on Earth did you guys come up with these designs, let alone the idea? They’re so incredibly original, yet still clearly recognizable!

Ashley Hay (Belle): I found this photo online from an artist on DeviantArt named Kreugan Mcgillicuddy; she had about eight of the Princesses drawn as superheroes. We took many of our designs from there while other girls made up their own.

Rebecca Denise Young (Rapunzel): As Ashley noted, she found an image on DeviantArt depicting the Princesses as superheroes. From there, we chatted and reached out to other girls whom we felt would have the passion to piece together their costumes and the love of Disney - as we do.

Klickt Euch übrigens mal durch den Flickr-Stream von Mike Rollerson. Sehr tolle Fotos vom ComicCon-Cosplaying inklusive Steampunk-Batman, Hellraiser-Dings, tausend Bilder vom obligatorischen Zombie-Walk, Lollipop Chainsaw und was weiß ich noch alles. Der Abschuss ist dann aber noch der Badesalz-Zombie in Anlehnung an die „Zombie-Outbreak-News“-Welle vor ein paar Wochen: Face Eating Cosplay. Ich brech' zusammen.