Phantom-Comic for voting Aborigines

Ein australisches Comic mit Phantom, um den australischen Ureinwohnern das Wählen beizubringen. Ich fand Phantom ja schon immer scheiße, aber dass er jetzt noch australische Minderheiten beleidigt geht echt zu weit.

A very weird set of political comics here. In 1989 and 1990 the Australian government produced a difficult to describe set of booklets featuring Lee Falk's PHANTOM to teach Aborigines how to register to vote and how to run for office. No explanation is provided for how the Phantom has anything to do with Aboriginal culture.

An unintended pun, "Phantom Votes" is often the term for phony votes or useless votes, and is commonly referred to rigging with small minority groups.

COMICS WITH PROBLEMS #51: PHANTOM VOTES! (1989 and 1990, Australia — Intended for Aborigines)