Doomed Dogs Portraits

Dieses Bild geht grade auf Reddit und Buzzfeed unter der Headline „Clint Eastwood as a dog“ rum. Auf Buzzfeed finden's 27 Leute LOL, 24 Win und 8 OMG. Auf Reddit wurde das Bild in /r/funny gepostet und hat derzeit 1694 Upvotes.

Das Bild stammt aus der Fotoserie Memento von Yun-Fei Tou, der in Taiwan Straßenhunde im Tierheim fotografiert, kurz bevor sie eingeschläfert werden. Clint Eastwood as a dog: „Taiwanese public animal shelter, time until merciful death: 1.1hours.“ Fuck you, Internet.

These images record the last moments of life for some dogs found in public pounds run by governmental agencies in Taiwan. These portraits are taken on the very day in which the animal depicted is about to be put down or mercifully killed. These images are but a small fraction of the total body of work in this ongoing project.

Utilizing the classic portrait style that originated in the early 19th century with the birth of photography as an art form these photographs offer the viewer a chance to look attentively into a bleak future. These dogs are essential dead and their souls are hours, minutes away from non-existence.

Taiwan photographer's crusade: Doomed shelter dogs, Photographer tells story of doomed shelter dogs