Biggest Nintendo Game-Collection ever on Ebay

Gaming Heaven aus Frankreich verkaufen auf Ebay für eine Million Euro die möglicherweise größte Game-Sammlung mit Komplettsets aller Nintendo-Releases von Famicon bis Gamecube und alle Sega-Games (und alle NEC-Games), vieles davon in noch verschweisst, alles in Originalpackungen inklusive allem. Dazu alle Raritäten und überhaupt noch mehr. Was Game-Sammlungen angeht, ist das hier serious Business. Und wer hat jetzt 'ne Million Euro für mich?

1) 100% Complete Famicom Cartridge Fullset (around 1050 games): All games complete in box with instructions, many of them being brand new, and many extra stuff, like not for sale games, contest games (Gradius Archimendes, Mike Tyson's Punch Out Gold cart to name a few), rare hardware,etc..

2) 100% Complete Famicom Disk system fullset (around 200 games): All games are complete in box with instructions, 50% of them being factory sealed! Including the very rare "write-only" releases, such as Clu Clu Land, all with original instructions, this one (Clu Clu Land) being worth up to $1500, as well as contest prize games (All 3 Gold Disks),etc.. […]

4) 100% Complete Super Famicom Fullset (around 1500 titles): All games are complete in box with instructions, all games having plastic baggies, warning papers, all games being protected by special plastic protection boxes to remain in perfect condition, and around 500 of them being BRAND NEW (including Randering Ranger,etc..i'll update the list later to inform you which ones are brand new)!! This fullset includes ALL rare "Nintendo Power only" releases (Columns,Dokyusei 2,Wizardry I-II-III, Super Punch Out,etc..), all SM Teacher games, all Sufami Turbo releases, all contest/not for sale games (Far East of Eden Zero V-Jump, Chrono Trigger V Jump, Slam Dunk Shueisha Limited, Yoshi no Cookie Oven Version, Magical Drop 2 Special Version, Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold Cart, Super Formation Soccer Xaqua to name some)...