Real Life Locations from Fallout 3

Redditor LockeVanish ist nach Washington und Las Vegas gereist und hat die Orte aus Fallout 3 fotografiert und diese Fotos hat er wiederum mit Screenshots aus dem Game auf Flickr hochgeladen, auf Reddit erzählt er ein paar Stories zu den Bildern:

Did the folks at the pioneer saloon or the trading post or any of the stores know that their businesses are such an important staple in an immenssely popular game? What did they have to say about it? […]

I spoke with the owner of the Pioneer Saloon and he said that he was interviewed by some of the Fallout team. He mentioned how they spent days in the area studying the scenery and talking with people to learn about the history of the area and such. He also told me how people from all over the world have visited Goodsprings because of the influence of the game.

I didn't talk to anyone in the other cities (like Nipton and Searchlight) about that. Goodsprings seemed most appropriate, especially because of how exact the General Store and the Pioneer Saloon match up to the game.

Fallout pics from my visits to Washington D.C. and Las Vegas (via MeFi)