Gregory Euclides Wiped Away-Paintings

Gregory Euclide macht Kunst und lehrt an einer High School und während der Mittagspause hat er in 25 Minuten ein bisschen Kunst an Whiteboards gemalt, die er anschließend wieder wegwischte. Aus einem Interview mit mnoriginal:

MNO: These projects were presumably all washed away – what appealed to you about creating a completely impermanent work?

GE: I could make them in 25 minutes, so they were not too incredibly precious to me. Yes, they were all washed away. I was kind of showing students what could be done with 25 minutes of time. They would come in from the previous day and be like… “what happened to that drawing that was up there yesterday?” I would explain that I washed it off and they would just be floored that someone would make something and then destroy it.

Gregory Euclide Wipes It Clean (via Neatorama)