Half Life 3 Concept Art (from 2008) leaked

Valvetime.net (Website ist grade down) haben einen ganzen Schwung (alter) Concept-Arts zu Half Life 3 gepostet. Die Bilder stammen aus dem Jahr 2008 und sind echt, zumindest hat es ein Mod im Steamforum bestätigt.

Many of the pictures appear to show Half-Life 2's Alyx Vance and a man in a variety of outfits, while others focus on downed helicopters, each with a towering structure in the distance. Still others depict floating platforms with dangling tentacles and flowing creatures floating in the air, suggesting a return to the dimension of Xen showcased at the climax of the original Half-Life.

Exclusive Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art, Gamespot: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 concept art surfaces