Brainwave-Controlled Animation

 Vimeo Direktbrain

Marcello von den Devicers hat mir die Introsequenz für's BlancLab-Designfestival geschickt und schreibt mir: „This opening titles for Blanc Lab festival were done by the mind (and face) of the speakers themselves. We used a neuroheadset for that.“

Über ein Epoc Neuroheadset haben sie Neurodaten aus den Gehirnen der Speaker abgegriffen und darüber die Animationen gesteuert. Ich überlege grade noch, ob ich das Konzept etwas unausgegoren finden oder ob ich die LowFi-Grafik toll finden soll, denke allerdings, da wäre noch mehr drin gewesen. Aber man kann nicht alles haben und das hier ist (soweit ich weiß) die erste wirklich realisierte und angewandte Nutzung von Brainwaves für 'nen animierten Kurzfilm.

 Vimeo Direktwaves

Blanc Lab festival invited us to create the opening titles for its first edition. The main theme was creativity + technology so we decided to use the brain itself. We wanted to extract the primary brain impulses to animate the piece and a straight implication of the festival speakers, that could go further than just seeing their names on the screen. We brought this idea to a weird / uncomfortable pseudo spiritual mood using all kind of low res 2D / 3D graphics guided by a speech synthesizer. […]

We used the Epoc Neuro Headset device, which allows you to extract three different values: cognitive, expressive and affective data directly from the brain. Cognitive values refers to mental exercises, like pushing a shape in the space or making it disappear. Expressive values are face movements like smiling or eye blinking. And the affective ones are mood values like frustration or meditation. So we used the expressive values for the main actions (easier and faster to control) and let the cognitive and affective control secondary and environmental outputs. The headset data was sent by OSC to Pure Data which controlled all the inputs and the audio parameters, and then to Quartz Composer, where the scenes were set.

BLANCLAB OPENING TITLES 2012 (Thanx Marcello!)

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