Happy 100th, Alan Turing!

Alan Turing, der wahrscheinlich wichtigste Kryptograph, Mathematiker und Informatiker, Erschaffer des Turing Tests zum Nachweis künstlicher Intelligenz und der nach ihm benannten Maschine, Knacker des Enigma-Codes, mit dem die Nazis im zweiten Weltkrieg ihre Botschaften verschlüsselten und nicht zuletzt vom Staat gemobbter und in den Selbstmord getriebener Homosexueller. Turing gilt als Vater der Informatik, der Robotik und der künstlichen Intelligenz. Tragische, historisch extrem wichtige Figur, nicht nur in Hinblick auf die Entwicklung des Computers.

Google.com hat heute ein Doodle in Form eines Turing-Machine-IQ-Tests, dieses Video hier erklärt, wie's funktioniert:

 Youtube Direktturing


The Atlantic: What Happens When We Turn the World's Most Famous Robot Test on Ourselves?: „For years the Turing Test has been used to compare humans with computers. Now sociologists are using it to compare humans with each other.“

Wired UKs Turing-Week

Wired: The Rich Legacy of Alan Turing: „Alan Turing achieved more in the space of a few decades than anyone could hope to achieve in a lifetime. His ability to imagine the unimaginable and put these lofty theories down on paper, and then into practice, show a highly disciplined character capable of becoming an expert in pretty much anything he had an interest in. Turing went from drawing up a basic model for all computers to breaking down the constructs of complex chemical reactions with enviable ease.“

Economist: The Science Museum's Alan Turing exhibition – A beautiful mind: „This year marks the hundredth anniversary of his birth, and one of the many tributes is a new exhibition at Britain's Science Museum. Unlike other Turing tributes, which have tended to focus on one aspect of his work, the Science Museum aims to give a flavour of Turing the individual, and thus the exhibition mixes illustrations of the importance of his academic achievements with exhibits from the personal life of the man himself.“

Die BBC hat eine siebenteilige Artikelserie: Alan Turing: why the tech world's hero should be a household name, The codebreaker who saved 'millions of lives', Is he really the father of computing?, The experiment that shaped artificial intelligence, Gay codebreaker's defiance keeps memory alive, Centenary of the birth of WWII code breaker Alan Turing

Guardian: Alan Turing: the short, brilliant life and tragic death of an enigma – Codebreaker and mathematician Alan Turing's legacy comes to life in a Science Museum exhibition

ZDNet: Alan Turing: The computing pioneer's life and works, in photos