How Reddit grew on Fake-Accounts

 Youtube Direktreddit, via /.

Dass Reddit beim Start jede Menge Fake-Accounts eröffneten und so eine größere Userzahl vorgaukelten, wusste ich. Im Video oben erklärt Reddit-Gründer Steve Huffman im Detail, wie sie's gemacht haben. Das Geheimnis war ein zusätzliches Submit-Feld für Admins, in dem man einen Usernamen eingeben konnte, der automatisch angelegt wurde.

Huffman said that using fake accounts driven by the founders was key to building the tone they wanted to the site. Basically, by populating the site with accounts whose strings they pulled, the Reddit crew could shape the discourse and sharing of the site in the direction they wanted, and as the real user base grew, those standards held, allowing the fake accounts to fade away.

It’s fascinating that such a massive user base could be seeded by a few guys with a whole bunch of avatars. It’s an incredible example of the Internet’s power to magnify one’s own voice.

How Reddit Got Huge: Tons of Fake Accounts