Cosmetic Surgery Photography

Cara Phillips fotografiert seit ein paar Jahren die Operationssäle und Büros von Schöneheitschirurgen und bringt nun einen Fotoband namens „Singular Beauty“ dazu raus. Wired hat ein Preview und das „Botox Mood Chart“ als Gesichtsausdrucksersatz für Leute, die sich grade das Gesicht dickspritzen ließen, ist der Abschuß: I'm ecstatic in Comic Sans!

While not a new issue, her oddly beautiful photos of the industry’s infrastructure are nuanced and insightful, partly because they come from Phillips’ own personal issues with ideas of beauty. From ages 8 to 15 she was a child model and for much of her 20s she worked as a makeup artist where her job was to try and identify a cosmetic problem that each customer had and then suggest the makeup that she could sell to fix it. “I loved the art part of it,” she says. “But I struggled with immorality of it and it became emotionally difficult.”

During that time Phillips herself was also struggling with an eating disorder — a by-product, she says, of her time as a child model. “Beauty was the only value from a young age that I had placed on me.”

When she delved into photography, the beauty industry quickly became Phillips’ area of focus. After several years of exploring how she might capture her ideas, she landed on cosmetic surgery. “It became this amazing metaphor for just how much we wanted to be beautiful,” she says.

Photo Book Paints Cosmetic Surgery Offices as Beauty Factories