Real-Time Trending-Topics from spoken Language

 Vimeo Direktlanguage, via FastCoDesign

James Théophane hat zusammen mit BBDO eine „Trending Engine“ für Sprache entwickelt, über Spracherkennung haben sie Gespräche auf der TEDxSydney abgehört, anonymisiert und als Trending Topics wie bei Twitter in einer animiertem Word-Cloud visualisiert. Gruselig, aber spannend! Und ich liebe es, dass „I was expecting Cunt“ ein „Trending Topic“ wurde:

 Vimeo Direktcunt

What if you could trend a topic by simple speaking it? Mimeisthai is a one-off installation exploring the spontaneity of ideas, topics and thoughts - all conceived in the absence of tangible technology. In essence, twitter without the smartphone or laptop. […]

Mimeisthai's algorithm visualises topics being talked about in the auditorium right at that moment. The algorithm anonymously isolates and analyses the hundreds of conversations fed from an array of parabolic microphones to form a visual representation of the hottest emerging topics. From mouth to screen, in an instant; no need for a computer or smartphone. The technology is invisible. Built using the 'Processing' framework, the visualization generates a flocking and swarming metaphor using sound and vision to mimic the ebb and flow of conversation throughout the room, reflecting the mimetic path of an idea spreading.

Mimeisthai - A Spoken-Word Generative Trending Installation