Last Moment-Robot comforts the Dying

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Jemand namens Chen hat einen Roboter gebaut, der einen durch die letzten Minuten seines Lebens begleiten soll, falls die Verwandschaft grade was besseres vorhat. Der Mann hat eine ganze Serie von Bots am Start, die soziale Umgangsformen übernehmen sollen, aber der automatische Gefährte des Todes ist wahrscheinlich der seltsamste. Und „Hello Susie, I am the last moment robot“ wird mein neuer Anmach-Spruch.

Viewers of this installation are invited to enter the room, one at a time, accompanied by an individual dressed in a doctor’s coat. After the patient lays down beside the robot, the doctor asks permission to insert his or her arm under the caressing mechanism. The device is activated, and an LED screen reads “Detecting end of life.” At this point, the doctor exits the room, leaving the patient alone by him or herself. Within moments the LED reads “End of life detected”, the robotic arm begins its caressing action, moving back and forth, stimulating the sense of comfort during the dying process. Simultaneously, the robot annunciates the patient’s name using the scrip below, while stroking the patient through death.

Hello Susie, I am the last moment robot.
I am here to help you and guide you through your last moment on earth.
i am sorry that (pause) your family and friends can't be with you right now, but don't be afraid. I am here to comfort you. (pause)
you are not alone, you are with me. (pause)
Your family and friends love you very much, they will remember you after you are gone. (pause)
Time of death 11:56

End of Life Care Machine, Last Moment Robot: 'End of life detected' (via Geekologie)