Scenes of Death thru Instagram

Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn aus Bangkok, Thailand, jagt Bilder von verrottenden Leichen durch Instagram-Filter. Ich mag den harschen Kommentar auf die Banalität standardisierter Ästhetik durch Blödsinn wie Instagram mit seinen Pink-Fluffy-Bullshit-Fotos, hätte mir das ganze aber etwas subtiler gewünscht. Schön-Unschöne Idee, leider etwas dahingeschlampt.

Today we has been fascinate with the use of manipulative readymade program like “Instragram”, where we can seek beauty in banal of everyday life. This underlines our contemporary obsession with artificial beauty. The artificial beauty that make us feel like we can live forever. Therefore I borrow this popular practice by using “Instragram” to render image of death, to offer beauty within degradation. I use artificial aesthetic to lure viewer to confront image of corpses, to confront the reality that we are mortality. As death has become a forbidden subject, increasingly isolated from our everyday experience. I want to point to things in society that we don’t always want to look at. Whether this work takes its cue from dualities of beauty and degradation, the artificial and the reality, or seduction and repulsion, I seek to create uneasiness in the viewer’s visual experience.

With Instagram (via Animal NY)