Doku: In Search of Steve Ditko

 Youtube Direktditko, via Dangerous Minds

Die Doku „In Search of Steve Ditko“ feat. Interviews mit Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman oder Mark Millar hatte ich vor fünf Jahren schonmal gepostet, aber die Videos von damals sind offline und die Doku ist nach wie vor sehr sehenswert, in diesem Sinne:

The programme featured interviews with comics creators, editors and others including Jerry Robinson, John Romita Sr., Neil Gaiman, Joe Quesada, Ralph Macchio, Flo Steinberg, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Stan Lee, and Cat Yronwode. Ross, accompanied by Gaiman, met Steve Ditko at his New York office but he declined to be photographed or interviewed for the show. He did however give the two a selection of some of his old comic books. At the end of the show Ross said he has since spoken to Ditko on the telephone and was now on first name terms with him.

Comics historian Peter Sanderson said of the documentary: „A knowledgeable comics aficionado, Ross infuses the documentary with his passion for Ditko and American Silver Age comics. The show has an amazing roster of interviewees ... Wittily and intelligently written, without a trace of condescension towards comics, this program is a model of what documentaries about comics should be like.“