Mapping Politics with WiFi-Names

Die Anbieter der OpenSignalMaps-Android-App haben anhand der SSIDs amerikanischer Router US-Politik "analysiert". Spoiler: WLANs würden Obama wählen.

Through our OpenSignalMaps Android App we've built a database of 75m geolocated routers (well 74,908,115 this morning) - perfect for investigations like this.

We decided to begin not with Argentina but by looking for occurrences of "Obama" as it is an uncommon sequence of letters. Mostly, when "Obama" appeared (in whatever combination of cases e.g. "oBaMa") it did seem to be in reference to President Barack Obama - though there were instances where that was not so, such as "BobAmazon" or "JacobAmanda". We found 1140 results for "Obama" and an additional 6 that contained "Romney"" - for some reason people are far more likely to reference Obama over Romney when naming their router.

Then we assigned them sentiment values and mapped them.

The use of SSIDs to show political allegiance