Experimental Filmmaking: Mapping Video on Kinects 3D-Data

Vimeo Direktclouds

Jonathan Minard und James George arbeiten an einer Open Source Video-Editing-Software namens RGBDToolkit und mit diesem Tool verwirklichen sie grade die experimentelle Doku "Clouds" über Hacker , wozu sie grade obigen Clip online gestellt haben. Soweit ich das RGBDToolkit verstanden habe, mapt man damit den mit einer normalen DSLR gedrehten Videoclip auf die 3D-Daten des parallel aufzeichnenden Kinects. Snip von Creators Project:

“The goal behind the documentary is to capture the creative hacker ethos in a media that suits the subject,” explains George. “Clouds is a window into the mentality of the scene responsible for inventing the format that was used to create the film." Which is probably why anyone who is familiar with the aesthetics of data visualization or has seen one of the countless Kinect hack demos from the past year will recognize influences of both in the film’s style. “The subjects float in a black void, their figures composed of tiny points connected by lines that flicker and break apart at the edges,” continues George. “They’re made out of pure computational matter—the same material the artists depicted work with on a daily basis.”

Though they used a stationary one camera set-up, the 3D Kinect data they capture allows them to render out the images any way they can dream up (and code up) and rephotograph their subjects from any angle in post production.

Experimental Film Clouds Combines Kinects And DSLRs To Imagine The Future Of Filmmaking