Reprisal: Pixelarty Remix-Game of Populous

Reprisal von Jon Caplin ist ein totschicker Pixelart-Remix von Populous, dem ersten Gott-Simulationsgame von Peter Molyneux. Das Game ist im Browser spielbar und kommt inklusive tollem Print, den man auf der Website ordern kann.

Created in homage to Populous, Reprisal lets you take control of a tribe, guiding them, building land and making them grow in number. Using special totem powers you can control nature itself unleashing its full fury on anyone that stands in your way. But be warned, other tribes may not take too kindly to your intentions and will put up a fight!

Reprisal's universe currently spans over 30 island campaigns pitting you against 3 other tribes - each with their own aggression traits, 15 totem powers, 8 full length chip tunes by Eric Skiff and 4 terrain types.

Reprisal (via Digital Tools)