Hoverboard, 1955

YT Direkthover

Bilder dieses Hoverboards aus dem Jahr 1955 habe ich schon haufenweise gesehen, aber Bewegtbilder bisher noch nicht (glaube ich). British Pathe hat grade diesen Clip davon auf Youtube hochgeladen.

US Navy demonstrates its Flying Platform in 1955, a "flying skateboard" or "hover board" vehicle that uses a direct lift rotor aircraft, using contra-rotating ducted fans controlled by the pilot shifting his body weight around to tilt the platform.

Although it looked like it could have been a massive development [and a great way for us to beat the traffic to work] sadly development ceased because the U.S. Army judged them to be impractical as combat vehicles as they were small, limited in speed and only barely flew out of the ground cushion effect.