Iranian Antifiltering-Fatwa filtered for the word "Antifiltering"

Ali Chamene'i Fatwa gegen Anti-Zensurmaßnahmen von Internetusern im Iran wurde von der eigenen Zensurinfrastruktur gefiltert. "Taste of your own medicine" nennt man sowas.

The website Tabnak reports that Khamenei's "fatwa" on the illegality of using antifiltering tools in Iran was itself blocked in the country, some 30 hours after it was published on Iranian websites. The ruling was seemingly filtered because it contained the word "antifiltering," which triggered the country's censorship system to automatically block it.

The misfire prompted the conservative website to write, "The filtering of a [religious] order is so ugly for the executive [branch] that it can bring into question the whole philosophy of filtering."

Iran Filters Khamenei's Fatwa On Antifiltering (via Gizmodo)