Papercraft Gramophone

Jón Hólmgeirsson aus Island hat ein Gramophon aus Pappe und Holzplatten zum selberbasteln gebaut. Die Idee ist zwar nicht ganz neu - der Plattenspieler aus Papier von Simon Elvis geht seit drölf Jahren durchs Netz -, aber Papierplattenspieler gehen halt immer.

The player itself is put together out of thin plywood and contains a simple electrical system that is possible to power with a 9Volt battery or to connect to a 9Volt power supply. The horn consists of a thick paper, needle, a plastic film, steelwire and the bottom of a papercup that is used to amplify the soundwaves that the needle carries up from the record. The material used in the horn colors the music with a certain feeling and that is why the music played through the jónófón is characterized with the color of paper.

Jónófón - Jón's version of a gramophone (via Wired)