Bees drinking human Tears

Discover Mag über Bienen in Tailand, die Tränen trinken und sich auch (manchmal) durch Rumblinzelei nicht verscheuchen lassen. Das Bild dazu ist großartig und zeigt Wissenschaftler im Selbstversuch.

On landing, automatic blinking with the eye often prevented the bee from getting a firm hold, causing it to fall off the eyelashes. If so, the bee persistently tried again and again until it was successful, or finally gave up and flew off. In a very few cases the approach was so gentle that the host (H.B.) did not realize he had a Lisotrigona attached to his lid, imbibing his tears. After landing and whilst sucking tears, H.B. often could barely feel the presence of a bee; indeed, checking by mirror was then required to make sure whether it was still there or had left.

However, when several bees were involved, the experience was rather unpleasant, causing strong tear flow. Once a bee had settled and more were approaching, these tended to settle near each other in a row. Closing the eye did not necessarily dislodge bees but some continued to suck at the slit. They were even able to find and settle at closed eyes.

Bees That Drink Sweat From People’s Skin and Tears From People’s Eyes