Chicken Chair

Ein Hühnerstuhl. Ein Hühnerstuhl mit Message! "It had to be a chicken—I don't know why, but a raccoon, rabbit or dog caged under a chair would be plain wrong."

We never see live chickens any more except skinned and cellophane wrapped in the supermarket isle. I remember reading somewhere that the US consumes more than 8 billion chickens a year, if we do the math that's roughly some 20 million per day, 250 killed per second...

I like eating chickens, but I also like for people to be aware of how they live and the consequences of the little decisions they give for granted everyday. I would like people to see a chicken again in their daily life, to find it both uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time. I see the Chicken Chair as a simple but beautiful furniture piece, an exercise in awareness a chair that literally comes to life and assumes a new function literally pocking, pecking and croaking—questioning us.

Non Sequitur: "Chicken Chair" by Sebastian Errazuriz