The Data Journalism Handbook

Heute erschien "The Data Journalism Handbook", 'ne kollaborative Textsammlung unter Creative Commons Lizenz über Datenjournalismus und -visualisierung. Das Buch gibt's auch als Website, wird ständig erweitert und liest sich extrem interessant, hier ein Zitat aus dem Kapitel zur Arbeit des Guardian wärend der London Riots:

The newspaper extensively used data journalism to enable the public to better understand who was doing the looting and why. What is more, they also worked with another team of academics, led by Professor Rob Procter at the University of Manchester, to better understand the role of social media, which The Guardian itself had extensively used in its reporting during the riots. The Reading the Riots team is led by Paul Lewis, The Guardian’s Special Projects Editor.

During the riots Paul reported on the front-line in cities across England (most notably via his Twitter account, @paullewis). This second team worked on 2.6 million riot tweets donated by Twitter. The main aim of this social media work was to see how rumors circulate on Twitter, the function different users/actors have in propagating and spreading information flows, to see whether the platform was used to incite, and to examine other forms of organization.

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