Interview with GeoHot

Der New Yorker hat einen sehr, sehr langen und tollen Artikel inklusive Interview mit George "Geohot" Hotz, dem Hacker des ersten gejailbreakten iPhones und der ersten gehackten PS3. Der Text erzählt erstmal die Story des iPhones und schließlich die Story des neuen Volkssports "Sony hacken", nachdem die den Teenager verklagt hatten. Zwei Zitate, die ich mir in Gold an die Wand malen werde: Steve Wozniaks "I think that misbehavior is very strongly correlated with and responsible for creative thought" und GeoHots "Laws are something made by assholes."

In the summer of 2007, Apple released the iPhone, in an exclusive partnership with A.T. & T. George Hotz, a seventeen-year-old from Glen Rock, New Jersey, was a T-Mobile subscriber. He wanted an iPhone, but he also wanted to make calls using his existing network, so he decided to hack the phone. [...]

He used a Phillips-head eyeglass screwdriver to undo the two screws in the back of the phone. Then he slid a guitar pick around the tiny groove, and twisted free the shell with a snap. Eventually, he found his target: a square sliver of black plastic called a baseband processor, the chip that limited the carriers with which it could work. To get the baseband to listen to him, he had to override the commands it was getting from another part of the phone. He soldered a wire to the chip, held some voltage on it, and scrambled its code. The iPhone was now at his command. On his PC, he wrote a program that enabled the iPhone to work on any wireless carrier.

The next morning, Hotz stood in his parents’ kitchen and hit “Record” on a video camera set up to face him. He had unruly curls and wispy chin stubble, and spoke with a Jersey accent. “Hi, everyone, I’m geohot,” he said, referring to his online handle, then whisked an iPhone from his pocket. “This is the world’s first unlocked iPhone.”

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