Whitney Houstons last Meal for Art

Ein Fotograf hat Whitney Houstons letztes Mahl nachgestellt und ein Stilleben davon geknippst. Ich hätte mir ja eher ein Stilleben aus Kurt Cobains letztem Schuss Heroin oder einen Nachbau von Amy Whinehouse' Hotelbar gewünscht, aber ich bin ja auch sick.

First he checked into the Beverly Hilton, in a room with the exact layout of Houston’s. Then he ordered the same food, he assumed from news reports, that she had ordered.

The shot could be seen as an intimate glimpse of the circumstances surrounding Houston’s death, but to Mr. Demand it was more than that. It was also an impersonal setting: a hotel room that could have been anywhere, a meal that could have been ordered by anyone. His own version of the scene, called “Junior Suite,” is part of an exhibition opening on May 5 at the Matthew Marks Gallery on West 22nd Street in Chelsea.

A Remade Tabloid Image of Houston’s Last Meal