Pseudo Poop für Testing Toilets

Hochinteressantes Posting auf Metafilter über falsche Kacke aus Sojabohnen für Tests von Produktinnovationen im Sanitärbereich oder anders ausgedrückt: Testscheiße. Auf dem Bild oben sieht man die Zugabe des Testmediums in Form von Sojabohnenpaste in die Schüssel inklusive dem sogenannten "Drop Guide".

Testing toilet flush performance naturally requires the replication of real-world loads. Striving for accuracy, a Texas A&M study evaluated polypropylene balls and Play-Doh sheathed in condoms before settling on a test payload of two Water Wigglers per flush. In contrast, the Maximum Performance project (scroll down for photodocumentation of MaP testing procedures) recommends the use of 350-gram specimens of extruded soybean paste ("specimens that float shall not be used").

MaP claims that as a result of testing of more than 2,200 fixtures since 2003, toilet design improvements have pushed average scores from 350 grams per flush to more than 675 grams per flush.

Pseudo Poop for Testing Toilets