Harvey Pekars Cleveland

Das hervorragende Blog Trip City hat anlässlich des morgen erscheinenden (bei uns am 1. Mai) posthum veröffentlichten Comics von Harvey Pekar gleich drei tolle Postings am Start: Anatomy of an American Splendor Cover, einen Podcast mit Pekars Frau Joyce Brabner, den Zeichnern Joseph Remnant, Jeff Newelt und Dean Haspiel. Dazu noch ein großartiges Fotocomic mit allem, was man über Pekar wissen muss.

Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland begins as a work of non-fiction. A municipal history. Indeed, the first third of the book barely features Harvey at all, save for an occasional panel in which he is depicted shuffling stooped along the streets, filling in the narration. It is fair to say the first character we meet in this story is the city itself. While not autobiographical in the sense we have come to expect from Pekar, the story of Cleveland is essential to fully understanding ”our man“.

A relative newcomer, but more than qualified, Joseph Remnant seems to particularly relish rendering both Harvey and the book’s namesake in a unique, gritty, underground style well suited to Pekar’s curmudgeonly disposition. Remnant offers one of the finest portrayals of Harvey since Robert Crumb, placing him in one deeply researched Cleveland cityscape after another. While they rely heavily on narration throughout, Pekar and Remnant are adept at using the images to advance the story, avoiding the pitfall of merely depicting verbatim what’s been said in the caption.

Harvey Pekar's Cleveland: A Tribute with Joyce Brabner, Dean Haspiel, Jeff Newelt and Joseph Remnant

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