Color-coded Vinyl shows the History of Electronic Music

YT Direktcolors, via Marc

Tolles Konzept von Benjamin Brunn und der Designagentur Kolle Rebbe, die zusammen ein 4er-Vinyl-Set entworfen haben, deren Tracks die Geschichte der elektronischen Musik erzählen und die durch einen Farb-Code in coloriertem Vinyl visualisiert werden, wobei die Farben für musikalische Genres stehen. Von Youtube:

The limited edition of Colour Tracks on 4x12" records are as much a navigation system as a tool: using the colour key, DJs can decide which form of techno they want to choose. The Colour Tracks strike eyes and ears equally and cover the full range of electronic music in 19 tracks. By overcoming a major technical challenge it was for the first time possible to precisely tailor the design of a vinyl record to the music it contains. Each track is composed by Brunn and each style is visualized through the allocation of a colour. Every colour stands for one electronic genre and every track is precisely as long as the strip of colour is wide.

Included in the booklet is the 13-piece colour chart and information about each track (genre, tempo, how it was made etc.) as well as an interview with the artist.

Colour Tracks, gibt's hier im Shop von Hanseplatte zu kaufen: Benjamin Brunn: COLOUR TRACKS - DIE GESCHICHTE VON TECHNO IN FARBEN!