5th Avenue Frogger

Vimeo Direktfrogs

Tyler DeAngelo hat einen Frogger-Klon aus Verkehrsdaten (in Echtzeit) von New Yorks 5th Avenue gebastelt: 5th Avenue Frogger, den man auf einer Frogger-Arcade-Maschine aus den 80ern zockt.

We hacked a 1980's Frogger Arcade so the cars you dodge are really driving down 5th Ave while you play. 5th Ave Frogger is similar to the 80’s classic Frogger except the cars you dodge are actual cars driving down 5th ave in real time.

This year is Frogger’s 30 (ish) birthday. To celebrate, I wanted to imagine what Frogger would be like if it was developed today.