Atari sketches Wikipedia, 1982

Bob Stein hat auf dem Blog vom "Institute for the Future of the Book" (!) eine Reihe alter Illus über die Zukunft einer intelligenten Enzyklopädie gepostet, die er damals in seinem Job bei Atari bei Disney-Zeichner Glenn Keane in Auftrag gegeben hatte. Die Illus sind okay, als retrofuturistisches Artefakt aber natürlich hochinteressant.

Bild oben: "A third grade class studies various aspects of space travel. The group on the right is running a simulation of a Mars landing while the students on the left are studying a design for a spacecraft."

Alan Kay had just become the Chief Scientist at Atari and he asked me to work with him to continue the work I started at Encyclopedia Britannica on the idea of an Intelligent Encyclopedia. We came up with these scenarios of how the (future) encyclopedia might be used and commissioned Glenn Keane, a well-known Disney animator to render them. The captions also date from 1982.

Back to the Future -- In honor of Encyclopedia Britannica giving up its print edition