The Adventures of a Space-Zucchini

Don Petit, Astronaut und derzeit auf der ISS, hat damit begonnen, die Abenteuer von Astro-Z aufzuschreiben: Eine Zucchini, die er grade im Weltall aufzieht. Und zwar aus der Perspektive des Gemüses. Ganz große Unterhaltung und nebenbei lernt man tausend Details über Space-Gärtnerei.

January 14
My gardener fusses with me several times a day. He checks that I have water, light, and with a hypodermic syringe, injects this tea concoction into the ziplock bag. It bathes my roots with a not so tasty drink however it does seem to contain the nutrients I need. I won’t complain; on expeditions into the frontier the food is often this way.

January 15
My gardener fusses with my leaves. I am not sure if I like that. I now have four and I do not quite understand why he behaves this way. He sticks his nose up against them. Does he take me for some sort of a handkerchief? Apparently he takes pleasure in my earthy green smell. There is nothing like the smell of living green in this forest of engineered machinery. I see the resultant smile. Maybe this is one of my roles as a crewmember on this expedition.

Astro-Z in Zero-G - The Diary of a Space Zucchini - Part 1