Snoop Doggs smokeable Songbook made from Hemp

Snoop Dogg hat 'ne Papers-Marke gedingst und als Promokram ein Songbook mit Blättchen aus Hanf gestalten lassen. Seine Musik kann er behalten, aber das hier finde ich dann doch ziemlich schick.

Introducing Rolling Words, Snoop Dogg's smokable songbook. A promotion for Snoop Dogg’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers created by San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell.

Each page is a rolling paper with Snoop’s greatest songs and lyrics written on them - in non-toxic ink – for your rolling pleasure. The pages are perforated making them easy to detach.

The book is made of hemp-related materials, with the cover, binding, and internal lining all made from hemp seed paper while the spine of the book is a match striking surface.

Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Book