Giant Scrap-Metal-Robot-Themepark

Über Zhu Kefengs riesige Transformers-Skulpturen aus Altmetal hatte ich früher schonmal gebloggt, jetzt hat er seine Bude verkauft und von dem Geld einen Robot-Themepark eröffnet.

It is not the movie shooting scene of the "Transformers 4", but the exhibits of the Mr. Iron Robert Theme Park created by Zhu Kefeng. Located near the downtown of Jiaxing city, the park which displays some 600 exhibits including robots and cartoon figures, has been an attractive site for children. "I feel very glad when the children visit my park and enjoy the happiness here. "Zhu Kefeng said, "I still remember the joy when I play iron toys in my childhood, I'd like to share the joy with children when I'm able to build a theme park. Joy shared with others are more enjoyed." 49-year-old Zhu Kefeng and his team have spent ten years in making recycled iron and steel sculptures.

Robot Theme Park in E. China's Zhejiang Province (via Designboom)