Insane Wunderkammer-House-Panoramas

360Cities hat eine ganze Reihe von Panorama-Fotos aus „Steves Weird House“ in Seattle. Hier das Esszimmer, die anderen Panoramas findet man darunter.

Hier ein paar Infos zum Haus von Atlas Obscura:

Weird Steve has a house that lives up to his name. Filled to the brim with oddities and curiosities, it is a perfect example of the Victorian decorating style known as "horror vacui" (literally, fear of empty spaces), and not a square inch goes uncovered. Weird Steve has dedicated his life to cramming his Victorian Mansion with his growing collection of curios, antiquities and odd refuse.

Steve's unusual artifacts include circus sideshow exhibits (pickled punks, two headed animals), Victorian Art (wreaths of human hair, furniture, statues), Natural History (exotic taxidermy, anatomical displays), antique medical and quack instruments, funeral paraphernalia (antique coffins, collection of casket plates), a 25,000+ library of curious and esoteric themes, 150+ antique toasters, a sculpture garden (complete with 25 foot-tall Rapunzel tower), a tree house outfitted as a bordello and countless others oddities. Wonderful, cluttered Horror Vacui at its best.

Library, Steve's Weird House - Seattle, WA