Karten, auf denen man Atombombenexplosionen simulieren konnte und die den Radius des Feuerballs und der Strahlung anzeigten, gab's schon oft. Die neue Version basierend auf Googlemaps von Alex Wellerstein ist bislang die beste, die ich gesehen habe.

- Easily draggable target marker (which has an adorable little atom on it)!
- Bright, stomach-churning colors indicating major negative effects of atomic detonations!
Effects described include zones of 500 rem exposure, major overpressures, and fire! Plus, the legend breaks these down into easy-to-understand descriptions of what they mean for your average person caught inside of them.
- Lots of pre-sets for both places to drop them (I didn’t want to discriminate) and yields of historical weapons! It has never been easier to put a 50Mt H-bomb on the Eiffel Tower.
- Automatically tries to drop the bomb on wherever Google thinks you are accessing the Internet from (based on your IP address)!

Presenting NUKEMAP (via Hacker News)