Ape Self-Awareness iPhone-Mirror-Cam

 Youtube Direktapes

Schöner Clip von Mark B. Rober, der einen Spiegel vor seine Handykamera gebastelt und damit die Affen im Zoo gefilmt hat. Das Ende des Videos ist der Knaller. Von Wired:

The video was made by part-time viral video prankster and full-time rocket scientist Mark B. Rober, who noticed during zoo visits that apes don’t like being hassled by humans.

“People throw food into the exhibits to see the animals react,” Rober told Wired in an e-mail interview. “This is very bad for the animals.” By contrast, Rober said, his clever setup “turned out to be a noninvasive, fun way to achieve that interaction to an even higher degree.” […]

To capture the images, Rober bought a $3 mirror and carefully drilled a hole in the middle of the reflective surface. Then he put his iPhone up to the hole and caught the attention of a mother orangutan at the zoo. After staring calmly into the mirror, the primate fetches her baby for a close-up. Finally the daddy ape ambles over to check out his face.

Dirt-Cheap iPhone Trick Captures Great Ape Close-Ups