The legal Adventures of Arseface

Law and the Multiverse, das fantastische Lawblog, das über Comics und Superhelden und die juristischen Implikationen ihrer Fähigkeiten schreibt, hat eine kleine Serie über Garth Ennings Preacher gestartet. Den dritten Teil haben sie heute gepostet und es geht um Arschgesicht. Das Bild oben ist übrigens ein Make-Up-Test für die seit Jahren geplante Verfilmung. Wollte ich mir schon immer mal hier reinkleben. Jedenfalls: Arschgesicht.

The character is somewhat of a tragi-comic figure. He grew up in an abusive household and attempted suicide shortly after Kurt Cobain killed himself, only to end up with severe facial deformities rather than dead. But he winds up in some rather interesting legal situations as the series goes on, and we’re going to take a look at those this time around.

So after swearing vengeance on Jesse and the gang, Arseface catches up with them in a diner, only to realize he doesn’t actually want to go through with it. Jesse feels bad for him, and Arseface winds up tagging along until the crew gets to New Orleans… where Arseface is discovered by a record label while singing with a band. He winds up becoming a major national sensation, and one wonders if maybe, just maybe Ennis is offering some commentary on the state of American culture in general and pop music in particular.

Anyway. He deals with the sudden fame and fortune fairly well, and never seems to stop being a rather sweet guy, all things considered. The trouble is that he gets hit with a few dozen lawsuits seeking several hundred million dollars in damages. The plaintiffs? The families of teenagers who tried to duplicate Arseface’s apparent route to success, i.e. shooting their faces off with a shotgun.

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