Jamie Oliver discovers Joy Division-Treasure in new Restaurant

16.02.2012 Misc
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[update] „NO New Order & Joy Division master tapes discovered – the rumours are wrong.“ (Danke Chris!)

Jamie Oliver eröffnet grade ein neues Restaurant in einer ehemaligen Bank in Manchester und in deren Tresorräumen hat er beim Aufräumen Gold, Juwelen, 'ne Knarre und alte Mastertapes von Joy Division und New Order gefunden. Scheiß auf die Kohle, ich will die Mastertapes!

A haul of £1m of jewellery, Joy Division master tapes - and even a gun - were allegedly discovered in the basement of the site of Jamie Oliver's new restaurant.
They were found in hundreds of safe deposit boxes - some of them dating back to 1935 - in the vault of the old bank site, which the celebrity chef has converted into a restaurant.

How £1m stash of jewellery, Joy Division master tapes and even a GUN were in safe deposit boxes on the site of Jamie Oliver's new restaurant (via Dangerous Minds)

Und wo wir grade beim Thema sind: New Order - Taras Shevchenko (Live in New York, 1981-11-18), fast eine Stunde New Order Live zu einer Zeit, in der sie eigentlich noch Joy Division ohne Ian Curtis waren.

 Youtube Direktorder, via Dangerous Minds

at the time this was videotaped, New Order were still largely Joy Division minus Ian Curtis, a post punk band, not the electronic dance quartet they would soon become. This is a fascinating document of the group during perhaps the least documented era of their long career.