How To make Kryptonite-Sushi from bio-engineered Glowing Fish

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In diesem Video erklären zwei Leute, wie man leuchtendes Kryptonit-Sushi aus genetisch manipulierten Fischen macht. Das Projekt ist Teil einer Ausstellung namens „Edible: The Taste of Things To Come“ in der Science Gallery in Dublin und dort kann man sich neben vielen anderen Sachen auch noch das Konzept zu 3D-gedruckten Insekten-Cookies anschauen. 3D-Gedruckte essbare Space-Shuttles und Schokolade hatte ich hier schon, also gehen natürlich auch 3D-gedruckte Kekse aus zermanschten Insekten. Alle Teile der Ausstellung kann man sich hier ansehen, New Scientist war dort:

Several exhibits offered more virtual dining experiences: Steam Cells, for example, comprises a series of dining scenarios devised by postgraduate students from the National College of Art & Design in Paris and inspired by stem cell research at the I-Stem laboratory in Evry, France.

Insects Au Gratin, by a group of British artists, suggests that 3D printing is the technology that could make entomophagy (the consumption of insects) catch on. It has an ecological dimension - crickets take four times less energy to produce than beef - even if it also has a pretty strong yuck factor. But extruding the insect protein into alternative shapes could help to eliminate that. Given what we already do with foods the idea of munching on cricket nuggets may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

Glowing sushi and 3D-printed cricket nuggets