I track my Google-Searches for Art

30.01.2012 Misc #Art #Google

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Ich nehme seit heute morgen an einem Kunstding für die Transmediale teil, dem Google™ One Week Performance-Piece von Johannes P. Osterhoff. Bis Sonntag werden sämtliche meiner Google-Suchen getrackt und auf einer Seite veröffentlicht, inklusive RSS-Feed und Schnickschnack. Find' ich spannend.

The piece is called “Google” and documents all searches we perform with the search engine of the same name. The performance shall take place during transmediale 2012 and shall start on Monday, January 30 and shall end on Sunday, February 5, 2012. We shall not use undocumented ways to use the search engine Google during this time.

Each of our search queries shall create a web page that is indexed by this search engine and thus makes our searches publicly available as search results for everybody.

The performance is open to everyone. If you wish to particpate, please get in touch.

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