Jim Henson-Gold: Vintage Behind The Scenes-Clips from The Muppet Show

John O'Brien, Kameramann bei ATV, die in den siebzigern die ersten Staffeln der Muppet Show produzierten, hat kurz vor Weihnachten auf Youtube zwei Behind The Scenes-Clips hochgeladen. Das hier ist pures Jim Henson-Muppet-Internet-Gold, nicht weniger. Im ersten Clip macht die Crew ein bisschen Unsinn am letzten Aufzeichnungstag der ersten Staffel:

 Youtube Direktmuppets, via Flooby Nooby

A little bit of fun by the crew recorded at the end of the first series/season of The Muppet Show in 1976 (I joined ATV in 1977 during Season 2) ... I am not sure who was responsible for putting this together (I suspect Peter Harris had an input) but I'm sure someone will tell me.

The cast includes Peter Harris, Richard Holloway, Jim O'Donnell, Brian Grant, Steve Springford, Jerry Hoare, Phil Hawkes, Gerry Elms,John Rook, Martin Baker, Sue Boyers, Francis Essex, Dennis Bassinger, David Chandler, Bryan Holgate, Peter Milic, Claude Walters and the ladies from the Canteen.

Das zweite Video ist das Abschiedsvideo der Crew, entstand am allerletzten Drehtag der letzten Staffel und zeigt unter anderem Jim Henson und Frank Oz bei der Arbeit. This is far beyond awesome.

 Youtube Direktjim

A behind the scenes glimpse of the Muppet Show on it's last day of recording at the Elstree Television Studios in 1980 on which I was privileged to work as a Cameraman.

Featured is Jim Henson and Frank Oz who were the main inspiration and creative forces behind the show. Narrated by Peter Harris, one of the two directors on the show ... it mostly reveals crew and cast having a very silly day as everyone said their final farewells. Richard Holloway (now Executive Producer on "The X Factor") had been the Senior Floor Manager for the duration and it was probably inevitable that he became the victim of the flan flingers ... he took it in great spirits.

This last day in Studio D was the culmination of 5 years work, fun and laughter on what was arguably the most successful Children's Programme in the world at the time, having been sold to some 110 countries ... it was the end of an era for many and the Muppets have gone on to become truly iconic.