Winston Churchills Pressure Chamber

Grade in meinen Feedreader gewandert: Scan Zen – „hi-res vintage images, paper ephemeras - ads, photos, illustrations, articles, whatever i capture or scan or find on the web“. Von dort bzw. aus dem Life Mag vom 10. Februar 1947: Winstons shell.

Designer Graham demostrates Winston Churchill’s personal pressure chamber, created to enable him to make high-altitude flights safely. In: Life, 10 Feb 1947.

To protect the precious bulk of Winston Churchill in wartime a special one-man pressure chamber was built for the personal plane which carried him many times across the Atlantic and to Casablanca, Moscow and Yalta. Churchill was warned by his doctors that it was dangerous for a man of his age and physical condition to fly above 8,000 feet. The solution was a pressure chamber complete with ash trays, telephone and an air-circulation system good enough to prevent smoke from the ubiquitous cigar from fogging the atmosphere.