The Midnight Archive: Dreams And Nightmares in Wax

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Ronni Thomas hat mir grade die neunte Folge der Webserie Midnight Archive geschickt: „This episode is a dream come true... please enjoy the 9th installment of the midnight archive series - if you've ever had a thing for wax, now is the time to understand why - if you've never had a thing for wax - you should have your head examined.“

EPISODE 09 - WAX - A long standing obsession of mine has always been wax... I am honored to have someone I genuinely consider a true artist as part of our series - Ms. Sigrid Sarda. From our first meeting i knew we'd have a ton of things to talk about. The charmingly perverse Sarda has taught herself the ancient art of sculpting in wax and it is every bit as creepy and interesting as you might expect. Her home (where we shot the episode) - is LITTERED with her creations. Its a scene out of one of my all time favorite films "Tourist Trap' minus a creepy cross dressing Chuck Connors. Take a look at the art behind the wax. Its truly a fascinating medium. And Sig is truly a fascinating artist. Stay tuned as she is working on a maze called Welcome To Hegemony which is sort of a super speed 'haunted' maze which will feature many of her wax friends - HOPEFULLY including the wax figure she is making of yours truly! Enjoy!

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