Absurdist HalfLife-Mod simulates an Elevator with Heads on Fire

Elevator:Source ist ein HalfLife-Mod, in dem man in einen Aufzug steigt und verschiedene Stockwerke besucht. Klingt superspannend und was ich bislang davon gesehen habe, ist… speziell. Von Rock Paper Shotgun: „right now I’m in the lift with a man called Lizard Wizard, someone called Barney whose head is on fire, and a skellington called Jaykin. Watching through the elevator doors as a factory line of dancing pixel robots go past, over a pit of fire. Before the doors close and we’re off somewhere else. Barney and Jay keep giving each other furtive glances. And now we’ve stopped at the seaside, where Derek in his yellow rubber ring and blue suit has just got on board.“

Hier der Trailer und hier noch ein 44minütiges Video von ein paar Jungs, die den Mod im Multiplayer-Modus spielen und dabei sehr, sehr viel Spaß haben:

 Youtube Direkthalflife

Elevator: Source is a single or co-op elevator experience that is different each time you play. What floor will you stop on next? What will happen? Who knows! We don't even know! And we made the game. It's THAT EXCITING!

Elevator: Source brings you...

- Up to 28 randomized floors to stop on (with expansion packs possible in the future!)
- A thrilling co-op experience
- Realistic elevator physics
- Cunning, state of the art AI that REALLY GOES INTO THE ELEVATOR AND WAITS!
- Real moral choices! What floor do you get off at? Do you ever get off? Only you are able to craft your elevator story.
- No videogame to date can bring you the quality of elevators or as realistic a simulation as Elevator: Source can!