Alan Moore meets Occupy London

 Youtube Direktmoore, via Bleeding Cool

Channel 4 ist mit Alan Moore zu den Protestern von Occupy London gelatscht, die „seine“ V-Maske tragen.

Channel 4 News decided to bring Alan Moore from his Northampton home, face-to-face with the Occupy protesters who wear his creation. The glances he attracts from passers by on the streets of London are not usually because of his fame; instead they're attributable to the strange, occult-like and sepulchral, figure he cuts.

He famously objects to his major works (From Hell, V for Vendetta, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Watchmen) being turned into films; but even if he were an enthusiast, this is not a man, you feel, who would happily grace a Hollywood wrap party. But once in the Occupy camp, he fits right in. He's greeted with warmth, and as much adulation as this odd but compelling experiment in collectivist anarchism can muster. Another sign, if it was needed, that comics remains an art form of the marginal.

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